are you a Beginner, an Intermediate or an Expert?

At Odile Toys we also categorize butt lovers by their dilation capacity as: beginners, intermediates and experts in anal dilation. Anal dilation is all about your capacity to dilate and stretch, which means it’s mainly a matter of size.

For us, beginners are folks that have never introduced something into their butt and have a low level of dilation, around 1" diameter.


Intermediates are people with some experience with butt play, but still struggle to dilate up to 1.5" diameter.


Experts are the ones that know how to dilate above 1.5" but still want to explore and push their limits.


How do you know which one you are? Easy! Introduce our butt plug dilator (or any other 1" diameter toy) and feel how tight or loose it feels. If it is tight or pretty tight, our dilator will be a amazing tool for your anal dilation and preparation. If it feels too loose, you probably need to size up to a bigger device.


This version of our butt plug dilator is primarily designed for beginners and intermediates. Don’t worry experts, we are coming soon with one that is perfect for you! :)

Odile 17.09.21-08.png