Product features

Odile® has a genius mechanism that increases and decreases its shaft girth when you turn its key, millimeter by millimeter if you want.


Odile® starts from 1" diameter (2,54cm) and goes all the way up to 1.5” (3,82cm) with ten key turns !


You can have any girth you want between 1" and 1.5" diameter.


You can increase the girth at your own pace and feel maximum pleasure!​



Odile® has a profiled tip end that makes insertion natural and easy.​

It also has a straight shaft, which is the best for even dilation and "In and Out" penetration movements.

profiled tip end >

< straight shaft


Odile® has a wide base for preventing over insertion.​

And a lovely key that is easy to control.

< lovely key

wide base >


Odile® has a firm core covered with a soft and thick medical grade silicone, for maximum comfort and a dual density feeling that resembles a real cock!

medical grade silicone

dual density


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