Anal dilation

Our anus is the tightest and most sensitive of all our openings.

It feels amazing when penetrated, but because it is tight and sensitive, you must give special care to avoid a painful experience.


Good anal sex comes with good anal dilation!

Anal dilation, also called anal stretching and anal training, refers to the gradual widening of the anus with a device, like a sex toy.

anal dilation
gradual widening of the anus

Anal dilation should be done especially at the sphincter, where muscles are very tight

sphincter muscles are tight

Anal dilation is teaching your anus to stay relaxed as long as you need and is teaching you to receive as much as you want. 

Anal dilation is necessary to warm up for anal sex, just as cunnilingus is great to warm up for vaginal sex.  

If you don’t do it, aggressive penetration will lead to anal fissures and hemorrhoids… And you really don’t want that!

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