The other products on the market...

In the market today you can find two types of anal dilation devices:

Anal trainer butt plugs and inflatable butt plugs

Anal trainer butt plugs

Anal trainer butt plugs are made to dilate in three steps.

The smallest butt plug is 1" diameter, the second is 1.25”, and the largest is 1.5”.

Which is great because less than 1” you feel almost nothing and more than 1.5” is kind of too big for most of us.  

The problem is, 3 devices with a fixed girth is a 25% girth increase between each step! 

The is a high risk of tearing your anus and ruining the mood! 


+25% girth increase per step is a high risk of tearing your anus and ruining the mood!



butt plug neck = sphincter NOT dilated

Another big problem with those butt plugs is the neck. 


It reduces the pressure at the sphincter, limiting the anal dilation where it is most needed.


butt plug neck = no "In" & "Out" movements

Also the neck prevents “In and Out” movements inside the anus, but the "In and Out" movements are really great to relax the anus.

And finally, using three butt plugs for one job is not the best and it can become messy...

Inflatable butt plugs

Seriously ?

Did you know that these things present a serious risk of over inflation and can burst inside your butt?

That's why...

It is time to bring something new and more efficient for anal dilation...

We are making it!

We bring to you : Odile™