Introducing the first Butt Plug Dilator

Making anal sex easy and pain free

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Turn the
 black key...
...adjust the girth easily and safely
...control your anal dilation millimeter by millimeter!
(from 1 to 1.5 inch diameter)

Open the door for a

new adventure...

...millimeter by millimeter

Doesn't need battery

100% discreet

Easy cleaning

Medical grade silicone

Not inflatable


Made in USA


Pre-order now!

Get it now for

$89 instead of $140

Click here

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Product review by Tasha Reign

Feminist, actress and sex columnist


Presentation by Sarrah Rose

Certified Sex Coach


Odile is a revolution!


Odile is the first Butt Plug Dilator™, for the best anal dilation ever!

Just lubricate and insert Odile into your butt, et Voilà!

You are now 100% in control of your anal dilation.  

By turning the key, you control the girth of the shaft. 

The girth increases slowly and safely, as big as you want, from 1" diameter to 1.5"!

When you’re finished, just turn the key in the opposite direction to decrease the girth of the shaft.

This will get you dilated as much as you want.  

It’s genius!  Get ready for the best anal sex ever!

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Jesse T.

Los Angeles

I have used it several times. It does an amazing job!

Aurelia T.

San Francisco

My girlfriend and I, we had a blast! I love it!

Rachel S.

Los Angeles

Such a creative and necessary concept!


Pre-order now!

Get it now for

$89 instead of $140

Click here