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the " Art" of anal dilation

Our anus is the most sensitive of all our openings. As such it feels amazing when played with and penetrated. However, care must be taken to avoid a painful experience when engaging in anal play. Pleasurable anal penetration is best prepared by effective anal dilation, which is too often overlooked or underestimated. Think of dilation as a yoga class for your anus. It will keep you healthy and 



Anal dilation, also called anal stretching, is the process of gradually widening the anus. The anus is mainly made of soft tissues and sphincter muscles, and dilating increases their flexibility and prevents them from becoming too tight.


Dilation doesn’t actually make your orifice permanently larger, however it trains the nervous system to tolerate a greater degree of orifice extension without firing off pain signals.


This is why the more you practice anal dilation, the more comfortable you will be with penetration.

Another great benefit of practicing anal dilation is understanding your dilation capabilities. This is useful in your sexual journey in selecting the size of toys and phalluses for insertion. Knowing your size is an essential step in having a safe and pleasurable experience. 


True dilation usually starts beyond 1 inch in diameter, which is why the adjustable girth mechanism of your Odile Butt Plug Dilator starts at this size. Should you want to dilate more than that, for instance wanting to get penetrated by a phallus, it's important to know that their average diameter is 1.4 inches. Therefore, practicing anal dilation is a must to feel comfortable with penetration. Our dilators are made to accompany you in this amazing adventure of anal dilation and anal play. Depending on your profile, beginner, intermediate or expert, our dilators will let you dilate in the most innovative and efficient way.

the Secret?

Gradual widening!

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