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Standard butt toys

Layer 7.png

25% jump 

between each plug

limits gradual 

and precise anal dilation

We love standard butt plugs! They are great for anal play because they can stay plugged into the anus. However, with their tear drop design the main goal and result of a butt plug is stimulation, not dilation. First, the neck where the diameter is the smallest prevents dilation at the sphincter muscles where it is most needed, and also restricts penetration movements.  Second, when using a standard butt plug kit, which includes small (1” in diameter), medium (1.25”) and large (1.5”) plugs, you are making a 25% girth increase between each step. This jump between each plug limits a gradual and precise anal dilation. This can lead to an unpleasant experience if there is insertion of a plug that is too large, too soon. That’s where Odile comes into play. One product that has the capacity of many plugs, by increasing its girth millimeter by millimeter, rendering it fully customizable. 

Layer 8.png

The neck prevents dilation 

at sphincter muscles 

and restricts 

penetration movements

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 8.36.17 PM.png
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