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Shape 2.png

turn the Key, control the Girth millimeter by millimeter

A key for an easy 

control of the girth of the shaft

Control the girth from 

1 inch to 1.5 with 10 key turns!

A 3.3" winged base to 

prevent over insertion

Dual density shaft 

for a natural feeling

Premium silicone

for maximum comfort

A 3.6 inches straight shaft for an even dilation and penetration movements

Profiled tip end

for easy insertion

especially Made for Beginners...

Two steps shaft...

1) Gentle butt opening with the tapered tip

2) Smooth anal dilation with the controllable shaft

From the size of a pinky finger to an averaged sized phallus

Control the girth from 

1 inch to 1.35 with 7 key turns!

A 3.2" winged base to 

prevent over insertion

Dual density shaft 

for a natural feeling

Premium silicone

for maximum comfort

Tapered tip

for the easiest insertion

Half Discovery.png

for All genders

what Experts say


"Whether you're warming up or looking to feel something *expand* inside  you, Odile erases any fears about your toy selection being the right size for your body"

Zoë Ligon - Sex educator, entertainer, artist, and journalist

@thongria /


"Odile is the toy that you need for having great anal sex."

Sarrah Rose - Certified Sex Coach

@tantricactivation /


"It is like having 10 butt plugs in 1...

I love this thing!"

Brandon Coprich - LGBT activist

Seen in America's Got Talent



"Butt Plug Dilators are a necessity and

I wish I had them earlier."

Tasha Reign - Actress, Sex columnist



"Odile Butt Plug Dilator is a revolution!

I love it."

Ubal Araque - Sex therapist, Sexblogger


ODILE Pitch Deck FEb 262020-2.jpg

"Honestly, it’s an amazing little toy, and every person that has seen it has been amazed."

Mistress Kay - Sex toys expert/reviewer

what People say

Jesse T.
Los Angeles

I have used it 

several times. 

It does an

 amazing job!

Aurelia T.
San Francisco

My girlfriend 

and I, 

we had a blast! 

I love it!

Rachel S.
Los Angeles

Such a

 creative and



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