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ABSOLUTE is a game-changer for butt lovers that want to reach the next level of anal play!


ABSOLUTE is the first Butt Plug Dilator especially made to accompany you for the best anal dilation experience.


Just lubricate and insert Absolute into your butt, et voilà!


You are now 100% in control of your anal dilation.  


By turning the black key, the girth of the shaft increases gradually, slowly, and safely, from 1 inch in diameter to 1.5 inches (average sized phallus).


Enjoy ABSOLUTE dilation at your own pace and get ready to experience a whole new adventure!

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Discreet packaging


what People say

Jesse T.
Los Angeles

I have used it 

several times. 

It does an

 amazing job!

Aurelia T.
San Francisco

My girlfriend 

and I, 

we had a blast! 

I love it!

Rachel S.
Los Angeles

Such a

 creative and



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